a film by Florian Heinzen-Ziob
shortfilm / 15 min. / 2K / 5.1 / color / 2016

Jonas works at the hand baggage screening at an airport. He is obsessed by preventing the next terrorist attack. But neither his colleagues, nor his boss appreciate his commitment. His attention is raised by the suspicious behaviour of a Muslim colleague. Is this Jonas chance to finally get the recognition he deserves?

Tribeca Film Festival, USA (2016)

„Best Feature Film“
20. International Film Festival Zoom-Zblizenia, Poland
„Second award for the best international short film“
8th Artfools Video Filmfestival, Greece
„Best Mini Fiction Film“
Best Fiction Film Festival, USA
„Special Mention from the official jury“
Skepto International Film Festival, Italy
„Special Jury Prize“
Tangier Film Festival, Morocco
„Director‘s Award“
North Carolina Film Award, USA

Tribeca Film Festival, USA (2016)
International Festival of Bilbao ZINEBI, Spain (2016)
Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain (2016)
Shorts at Moonlight, DE (2016)
Underground FilmFest., (2016)
ANONIMUL Int. Ind. Film Festivals, Romania, (2016)
Woodstock Film Festival, USA (2016)
Crested Butte Film Festival, USA (2016)
Tangier International Film Festival, Marocco (2016)
CineFest Miskolc Int. Film Festivals, Hungary (2016)
Nottingham International Film Festival, UK (2016)
Asiana Int. Short Film Festival, South Corea (2016)
Muskoka Independent Film Festival, Canada (2016)
INDIGO-Filmfest, DE (2016)
FILMZ – Festival des Deutschen Kinos, DE (2016)
Festival Les Enfants terribles, Belgium (2016)
38.Biberacher Filmfestspielen, DE (2016)
Orlando Film Festival, USA (2016)
Amarcort Film Festival, Italy (2016)
1st Bucharest Short Film Festival, Romania (2016)
5. SOUQ Film Festival 2016, Italy (2016)
17th Sleepwalkers Short Film Fest., Estonia (2016)
8th Artfools Video Festival, Greece (2016)
Izmir Shortfilm Festival, Turkey (2017)
RAMDAM FESTIVAL, Belgium (2017)
6th Colortape Int. Film Fest. Australia (2017)
4th International Motion Festival, Cyprus (2017)
Cap Spartel Film Festival, Marocco (2017)
Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Film Fest., India (2017)
Sweet As Film Festival, Canada (2017)
14th Int. Short & Ind. Film Fest., Dhaka (2017)
18th Landshut Short Film Festival, Germany (2017)
20th International Film Festival Zoom, Poland (2017)
ClujShorts Int. Film Festival, Romania (2017)
8th Annual Crossroads Film Festival, USA (2017)
Capital City Film Festival, USA (2017)
18th Newport Beach Film Festival, USA (2017)
Utah Film Awards, USA (2017)
12th Annual Myrtle Beach Film Fest., USA (2017)
35th Int'l Film Festival of Uruguay, Urugay (2017)
Skepto International Film Festival, Italy (2017)
2017 Twister Alley Film Festival, USA (2017)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Japan (2017)
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Action&Adventure Film Festival, USA (2017)
7th OderKurz-Filmspektakel, DE (2017)
1st Best Fiction Film Festival (2017)
4th Literally Short Film Festival 2. Less 15 min (2017)
MiniMovie Film Festival (2017)
SHNIT WORLDWIDE Shortfilmfestival (2017)
Footcandle Film Festival, USA (2017